Conviviality, Games, discovery
Federate your teams positively

You want to offer your teams an epic in an original setting to forge new links?
You are convinced that a team sharing strong moments is a team that is more communicative and promotes common projects?

We create tailor-made events for your employees. They will live positive experiences in group cohesion to see the emergence of a beautiful collective energy. Our passion is to create original concepts on the lands of Burgundy, in the heart of its most beautiful vineyards and the Basque Country.
Our know-how and our love of the profession is put at the service of your company, your employees and your values.

Keys for a successful team-building
Playful, tailor-made; innovative

Agence RP EVENTS offers fun activities in the heart of Bourgogne-Franche-Comté and the Basque Country.
Our team-building concepts are tailored to your goals.
Our animators and service providers are committed to making you live an original adventure and fully enjoy your stay.
The programs we offer encourage group cohesion, communication and awaken challenges.

La Petite Vadrouille de Bourgogne ©

An original and unique exclusivity

Agence RP EVENTS offers you a unique journey in the footsteps of the very famous film by Gérard Oury – La Grande Vadrouille. From this encounter between culture, nature and wine tourism was born : La Petite Vadrouille de Bourgogne®…

Why choosing
Agence RP EVENTS ?

Because our experience is 20 years old,
Because we are professional and passionate,
Because we understand and help achieve your goal.

To make men and women enthusiastic about sharing and being together.

A flourishing collective

A good atmosphere cannot be decreed, it is created.
We provide you with our skills in listening, managing group dynamics and adapting.
It is with our field team with varied skills and personalities that we compose and play the score of a fulfilled collective.

To build the future

The men and women of your company are the living forces that make it exist. Having memories in common, strong experiences, a shared history has a unifying impact on your teams and the life of the company. This is what we offer you through incentive and team building: experience strong, positive moments, to look towards tomorrow, together.

In a good mood
and well-being

We contribute by this event to show how much you are involved and attentive to the well-being of the actors of your company.
Your team building is also the testimony of your desire to reward and offer quality time to your employees.


This is an important step.
We analyze and position your objectives to formulate together tailor-made for your event.


We translate your expectations into a methodically orchestrated scenario :
place, decor, logistics, duration, supervision, animation...

D Day.

Availability, flexibility, pedagogy, all the energies of communication are activated. Our team is at your disposal to guarantee the success of your professional event.

We can be reached
every day
from 9am to 7pm..


Our teams are at your disposal to study your needs and expectations with you !